On Thu, 3 Feb 2011, Monthadar Al Jaberi wrote:

I don't understand why you saw a CRED_TO_VNET of 0
I was under the impression that every process/thread in the system would
on vnet0
in a vimage kernel.

This is how my printf looks like:
struct thread *td = curthread;
struct vnet *v = TD_TO_VNET(td);
struct ucred *cred = CRED_TO_VNET(td->ucred);
struct vnet *td_vnet = td->td_vnet;

here's your problem:

strcut vnet *vnet = cred->cr_prison->pr_vnet;

When I add CURVNET_SET(CRED_TO_VNET(curthread->td_ucred)); I get a panic too...
But your suggestion works if I do like this:
curthread->td_vnet = curthread->td_ucred->cr_prison->pr_vnet;

CRED_TO_VNET(curthread->td_ucred) returns NULL

I wonder how you are building your module and if VIMAGE is properly
defined.  If it's not that would explain a lot of things.

printf("td=%p, td->td_vnet=%p, td->td_ucred=%p, TD_TO_VNET=%p,
CRED_TO_VNET=%p\n", td, td_vnet, td->td_ucred, v, cred);

I made a fast search in /usr/src for "td_vnet" and found it was
assigned only in
int fork1(td, flags, pages, procp):
#ifdef VIMAGE
       td2->td_vnet = NULL;
       td2->td_vnet_lpush = NULL;

Nice try.  Want another search?  Hint: there is this in vnet.h:

#define curvnet curthread->td_vnet

And then you'll, again, find the CURVNET_SET_* macros.

Thank you

Something you may find useful as well btw is:


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