I will be at FOSDEM this weekend (if you are as well and want to talk,
send me an email off list or try to find me in the crowds).  When back
next week I plan to extract the initial parts from perforce and merge
them to SVN. This will include:

1) vnet socket pushdown.

followed by:
2) general VIMAGE framework.

3) user space changes.

probably along with some "noise" to ddb and documentation.  it could
be that VIMAGE in HEAD would be "unstable" for a couple of days during
these times.

This batch will not yet include actual VNET teardwn or interface
cloners changes but will provide the foundation for that.

I hope I'll be able to quickly afterwards make the patches for the interface
cloners available and in addition to the bridge code posted and the carp
code I have, so we can look at the missing cloned interfaces state, while
in parallel trying to get ports breakage figured out.

I'll keep you updated during next week as things progress and might
post merge candidate patches for your testing.


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