Am 19.06.2011 um 05:07 schrieb Julian Elischer:

> On 6/18/11 3:53 AM, Stefan Bethke wrote:
>> Is VIMAGE supposed to be compatible with pf?  On r223207 (8-stable) I'm 
>> getting a panic when pfctl loads the rules:
> no they are not compatible.. there are comatibilty patches but we have so far 
> failed to get them into the tree.

Aw, too bad.

I'm trying to get some processes, maybe a full jail, to use a seperate ADSL 
(PPPoE) connection as their default route, and I'm a bit flummoxed by the 

It seems that pf won't allow me to reference jails in rules (according to 
pf.conf(5)), but I could have those processes run as a certain user.

Alternatively, I think I should be able to use setfib(1) with ROUTETABLES.  Any 
advice on how I would configure mpd5 and/or a jail?


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