Hello wise ones,

I have the recent (from a few days ago) virtualbox-ose and
virtualbox-ose-kmod ports installed. Other ports are mostly
from Jan, 2011. With vboxdrv.ko loaded, /dev/vboxdrv does not
seem to be created and I don't know why.

    % kldstat
    Id Refs Address    Size     Name
     1   34 0xc0400000 c4fc74   kernel
     2    2 0xc1050000 2fc38    linux.ko
     3    1 0xc1080000 1c420    snd_hda.ko
     4    1 0xc109d000 9970     aio.ko
     6    1 0xc73ce000 8000     linprocfs.ko
     7    1 0xc78d1000 10000    ipfw.ko
     8    1 0xc7bf9000 21000    kqemu.ko
     9    1 0xc7cc2000 2000     blank_saver.ko
    10    1 0xc7ee2000 68000    radeon.ko
    11    1 0xc7f4a000 14000    drm.ko
    12    1 0xc92fd000 b000     netgraph.ko
    13    1 0xcbbc9000 2e000    vboxdrv.ko
    % ls /dev/vboxdrv
    ls: /dev/vboxdrv: No such file or directory

I originally had a RELENG_8 kernel and userland from Jan, 2011 on
this host, but I csup-ed this morning (tag=RELENG_8) and built/
installed new kernel and userland. I also rebuilt virtualbox-ose
and virtualbox-ose-kmod afterwards.

There seems to be some logging facility in the vboxdrv code, but I
do not understand how to enable it or where to look for the output.

Thanks for any suggestions!

G. Paul Ziemba
FreeBSD unix:
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