On 19. Dec 2011, at 17:34 , Lucas Mocellin wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I may have mistaken sending my question here, if so, please let me know.
> I would like to get more information about FreeBSD as a guest on VMware
> ESXi. I'm having some issues about performance (specially Harddisk I/O).
> I'd like to know which custom kernel should I compile and stuff like this.
> Right now I'd like to make a customize kernel to run on VMware, but I dunno
> exactly which devices I should choose, which ones work best on VMware.
> FreeBSD handbook has just a little about this, it's more about parallels
> and VirtualBox.
> if somebody else could give me a tip, I appreciate a lot that. any help is
> welcome.

1) chose SCSI disks not ATA in ESXi for the FreeBSD guest

2) if you have IO problems that usually means that your host hardware sucks,
   i.e. you have a raid controller but no battery etc.  Also which hardware
   seems to make a difference but that's not specific to the FreeBSD guest.


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