On Fri, 31 Aug 2012, Klaus P. Ohrhallinger wrote:


I'm pleased to announce the first feature-complete alpha version
of my virtualization project VPS:


Besides a diff there are also prebuilt binary sets available
that can be easily installed using pkg_add.

I hope for a lot of feedback and testers.

First of all, really great to hear from you again nd great to see you
continued to work on it.

The FAQ however is sad:

* When will it be included in FreeBSD?

  Difficult question. VPS has its code and little changes almost
  everywhere in the kernel, making it a really significant change and
  source of potential issues for FreeBSD. So no integration is planned
  yet. Applying the patch and compiling yourself or using the prebuilt
  binary distributions is easy.

The patch seems to be 1.2M for 9.0, include some noise like kernel
config changes etc, but seems mostly nice-ish.  You might at least
want to consider to see if you can get small edge-stuff but basic
infrastructure changes factored out and submitted so it might be
easier for you to maintain this.   9.0 will drop out of security
support end of Jnauary and latest if going to 10 you may find yourself
having to re-do and merge large chunks possibly so the patch is
eventually doomed to run into the same problems as other work that was
stuck on FreeBSD 4 for almost a decade.  A lot of people really would
love this but it rquires community involvement to get at least a
fraction of the maintainance costs of your shoulders.


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