Hi Marat,

I`m trying to run bhyve on 10-CURRENT, from
and i would like to run vm in headless mode, to start them from rc.d script.
When running 10-CURRENT guest, i simply removed -S 31,uart from bhyve
command, and the guest started fine.

 I didn't know that worked :) I'll give it a try.

When i`m trying to do the same with 9.1-RELEASE (plus virtio modules),
it only starts with the -S 31,uart option,
without it vm seems to do nothing at all - it never answers ping, no ssh
etc, and there is no way for me to see what is happening inside,
dmesg and messages logs are empty.
Are there any ways to run vms in background, or to detach from console,
if guest is started with the -S uart option? Or am I using this wrong?

Hmmm, I thought that it would work fine if the 'stdio' option wasn't used with the uart emulation

 e.g.   -S  <slot>,uart

   instead of

        -S  <slot>,uart,stdio

What the former does is to drop all output sent to the uart, and not have any input. This would be one way to run in the background. Another would be to use the latter syntax and setup i/o redirection from /dev/null when starting the bhyve process.


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