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> Hello.
> I have a Windows7 guest OS in Virtualbox on a FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE
> system.
> I've followed the instructions in the handbook for enabling
> USB-support
> in Virtualbox.
> In the machines settings I've ticked for activation of USB controller
> but not for USB2 because it needs an extension pack that's not
> available
> for freebsd if I've understood it right.
> I have an Epson V500 scanner that is recognized as an unknown device
> by
> the host OS.
> ugen7.2: <EPSON> at usbus7
> Unknown USB device: vendor 0x04b8 product 0x0130 bus uhub7
> I cannot get it to appear in the guest OS.
> Is it possible and if so what do I need to do in order to make it
> visible?
> Thanks
> /Leslie

Possibilities might be to hope that someday usbip is ported to FreeBSD?  I 
played around briefly with it on one of my Ubuntu servers (at other end of 
condo), and I've also thought about building a small Ubuntu box...but having a 
hard time seeing why I'd want to actually do this (and less than buying a 
commercial USB over IP product, such as those made by Silex.)

So, the other possibility is to just buy one of those commercial USB over IP 
products.  Some are specifically sold for using USB devices inside of VMs.

Meanwhile, I have an old Windows XP guest on my Ubuntu server that I used once 
or twice a week when I need USB something.  But, I'm in the process of 
converting to FreeBSD 9.1 for my home servers.

Oh, I had tried finding a USB 1.1 hub and plugging the desired device into that 
to see if I could make it work....it didn't.  In fact, later my system would 
hang while booting though not sure if it was the USB hub or the memory card 
reader that was the problem (since I read later that some memory card readers 
can be problematic.)

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