On Wednesday, March 27, 2013 5:31:27 am kindule wrote:
> Recently, we use KVM and SR-IOV in our project. And we choose freeBSD10 as
> the guest os.As we use the ip address in the igb0 of our freeBSD10 guest, it
> working no problem.However when i use vlan in our igb0 of the freeBSD10
> guest,we can see the vlan assigned right and we can ping the vlan address
> without problem.But we add a gateway of the vlan area.we can't connnected to
> the gateway.
> there are some os messages:
> Host: Debian 7.0 and KVM 1.2
> Guest: FreeBSD10-current
> And thanks for your help!

Hmm, does the same vlan setup work on a standalone machine?

John Baldwin
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