You can dump whole struct just a binary array(don't look into it in your
program), and get sizeof(vmxctx) via ioctl return. It should enough to
Then if AMD SVM mode will have different values on the structure, your
implementation won't break.

Does it make sense? > Peter, Neel

And, AMD SVM's vmxctx will not have much difference than Intel's one, I
(VMCS/VMCB layout are differ, though. But it's different topic.)

2013年4月2日火曜日 Iori YONEJI

> Hi all,
> I couldn't spare much time to consider about this topic because I have
> to move to new house, but now I'm OK.
> I'm implementing registers-save feature including:
>   1. libvmmapi with get_vmxctx
>   2. kernel supports of 1.
>   3. user-land hack using 1, that saves registers and some
> configurations into (possibly msgpack) binary file.
> But I noticed that vmxctx is depending on Intel VT-x, and we also need
> to support AMD SVM,
> so I need common struct registers.
> I heard about SVM support but it's not in my repository copy(Revision:
> 248994),
> how much do I have to care about AMD?
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