On 2013-05-06 2:49 PM, Norbert Beckmann wrote:
To Marc G. Fournier

I do not think it's an issue with VirtualBox. I am running VirtualBox
under Solaris. And I never had problems with it.
Guests: ubuntu, Windows 7, Linux Mint, FreeBSD, Chrome OS.
But the people of VirtualBox themselves state that Windows is somewhat
delicate (don't remember whether they meant as guest or as host, I think both).
Which would be comprehensible, because Windows has never become a real
multi user / multi process system as Unix was by birth (nearly).
I can neither help concerning the freezing Ethernet nor did I encounter
similar things (as far as I remember).
My first thought is that its something in the vboxnet kernel module when using a bridge ... I think the problem has been getting progressively worse, with each upgrade, but since I upgrade both vBox and the kernel in tandem, I'm currently working on going 'back in time' with the code, see if I can find some 'stable point' ...

If anyone with more knowledge can suggest any commands I can run to provide debug info, or such ... ? I don't mind debugging, just dont' know what to provide that is useful ...

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