Hi Jeremiah,

Here is a small patch for automatic legacy irq assignment.

 Thanks - submitted in r254395.

Related, I noticed Peter mentioned Intel NIC emulation work
in a recent email.  Is there work going on in this area?
I've been kind of hacking on an implementation for a 82545EM card.
Freebsd drive lem driver can probe it at this point, but it's
still got a long way to go before it is functional.  I'd hate to
be duplicating work that is already done, though.

I have the start of an 82580 (igb) emulation. The intent was to do a modern adaptor - multiple queues, jumbo frames, stateless offload etc, and hopefully be able to dumb it down to the standard 82540 "e1000" with a run-time switch for compatibility. I'm not so sure the latter is feasible now, so our efforts may be complementary.

In any event, there's some work needed to abstract the network backend so new device emulations don't have to replicate the virtio tap code. This would also allow additional backends to be dropped in (e.g. netmap).

I'll send you what I've done and we can work out if a merge could be done, or if there should be separate emulations.

 BTW - thanks for looking into this !



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