Hi Karl,

Sorry, that you are having trouble with the drivers. We have never hit a panic 
before even when compiling the current branch to test. I will have our team 
look at the latest code in the current branch today and ensure that any issues 
are taken care of. One thing I wanted to ask is if you have witness support 
enabled? Perhaps witness support for testing might get you past the boot stage.

Simultaneously we are working on FreeBSD 9.1 ports and as of now that is the 
only other way to get functional Hyper-V drivers. 

You have caught us in the middle of the development cycle. If you could just 
wait for a few more days, you will see detailed instructions from me on the 
mailing list. Otherwise please wait until tomorrow so I can get this sorted out.

Thanks again for your interest in our drivers.

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> Hi Kari,
> No this is not known. Does it give a stack trace and point to some 
> culprit functions? Please let me know.

Do you, or anyone know if there is any code or install I can get from somewhere 
that will boot at all? (e.g. Snapshot, ISO Image, or 'known good/working' 
source revision)?



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