emulators/petitecloud is a thin frontend to bhyve and, in future versions,
additional Hyper-V's.   We have just submitted a PR containing the port so
it might take a while for it to be available in your local ports tree.  In
the meantime, you can get it from

        emulators/petitecloud is now pre-alpha in quality, so please keep
the following limitations in mind:

        1. No input validation is performed.
        2. No resource limits are enforced.
        3. No attempt is made to resolve conflicting data.  (For example,
using the same "disk" or block device for two instances is known to freeze
up the host.)
        4. emulators/petitecloud does not yet support multiple network or
storage devices (although bhyve does support them)
        5. Full instance control is not supported yet.  Instances can be
created, but cannot yet be stopped, re-started or deleted via
emulators/petitecloud  itself.  (However, instances can be killed from the
process table and deleted manually from the config file
        6. In the included web GUI (by design all GUI commands have
commmand line equivelents and vice versa) there is no CSS yet, so as to
allow our web designer a freer hand.

        We plan to fix the above issues in future versions.  In the
meantime, what we want to know in the test is:

        1. What areas need the most improvements and what specific
suggestions you have for them
        2. Attempt to use on as wide a range of hardware as possible
(within the limits of what bhyve supports)
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