On 9/20/13 10:04 PM, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> if I have something like:
> ifconfig bridge0 create
> ifconfig bridge0 addm vtnet0 up
> the second ifconfig will just freeze the guest up (host is unaffected)

vtnet0 is only visible from within a guest, not on the host. Here are
the steps I use:

Run once on the host before all guests:

ifconfig bridge0 create

Run on the host for each guest with different tap# numbers:

ifconfig tap5 down
ifconfig tap5 destroy
ifconfig tap5 create
ifconfig bridge0 addm tap5 addm em0 up
ifconfig tap5 up

em0 is the hardware interface on the host.

Note that this will not work with a wireless interface unless you
manually set some routes with pf.

What is the bug?

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