Version 0.1.3 of PetiteCloud (a front end for bhyve) has been
released.  We would very much appreciate feedback from anyone
inclined to test it.

PetiteCloud can be downloaded (as a FreeBSD port) from .

New Features:

        * All startup initializations (including loading kernel modules and
ifconfig's) are now 100% internal.  Only one line needs to be added
manually to /etc/rc.conf to start petitecloud at boot time. 
bootloader.conf needs no modification.
        * Setting screen added (password and bridged interface are the two
current settings available)

Bug Fixes:

        * Fixed wrong assignment of tap on startup
        * Fixed need for double password entry

Instructions can be found in the README file.

The user interface is still usable only by experienced sysadmins. 
(For example, you need to know what a "network interface" is.) 
Future versions of PetiteCloud will hide some of these details,
making PetiteCloud more accessible to a wider range of users, and
will have better input validation, etc.

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