Hi folks,

This may have been asked before but the solution we have currently is less than 
ideal. Please bear with me on the repetition and provide any suggestions you 
may have.

One of the issues with Hyper-V is that it does not virtualize the CD device and 
therefore we rely on the ATA driver in the guest operating system to manage 
CDROMs. What we would like to do is disable the ATA driver for all device types 
except the CDROM in the presence of Hyper-V. Can someone help us in answering 
the following in this regard:

a)      What is the correct location in the FreeBSD ATA code where we can put 
in selective disabling?

b)      Is this a good approach? Is there something cleaner you can think of?

As of now we have implemented a disengage driver that disables ATA driver 
permanently on Hyper-V. However this is less than desirable and we are looking 
for a better solution. Please let us know if you have some thoughts.


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