Whats new:

        * Type and amount of information displayed on instance listing of
web UI has been simplified to be more user-friendly.  For each guest
instance, the web UI now displays only a name, cpu count, RAM and disk
space.   All values that have been "hidden" (such as "network interface")
are now autoassigned by petitecloud.

        * It is now physically impossible to enter incorrect data when
creating instances.  All resource limits are enforced passively by
constraining pull-down values.

        * Prefered disk location and prefered install cd location are now
on the settings panel.

        NOTE: The old /usr/local/etc/petitecloud/settings and
/usr/local/etc/petitecloud/instances are incompatible with 0.1.7.  It is
recommended you remake any instances to reflect this fact.
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