Hi Craig,

A few questions for you.

(1)  I want to get the same FreeNAS image working inside Bhyve and on
real hardware.
       In the source code for /sbin/init, when it parses /etc/ttys,
       if the entry does not exist, it prints out an error message about
not being able to find
       the tty entry to open it.
       Do you know if there is a way to specify an entry for /dev/ttyu2,
only if it
       exists, and not print out an error message otherwise?

 Not without modifying init :( This seems a very old Unix limitation.

(2)  Is it possible to connect to the console of the BHyve VM via /dev/ttyu2
       or some other mechanism?  I would like to be able to connect to
the BHyve VM
       and use something like Expect or py-expect to execute console
commands in the VM,
       for automated testing.

Not currently - the only options you have are to run bhyve under expect, or set up a network port and log in and run expect on commands.

 I have what I think is a plan to fix this: maybe for 10.1.



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