Hi Aryeh,

A few questions on this commit and the ones Peter did yesterday:

* Does this mean bhyve can now run recursively (using a guest as a host)?


* If not what new functionality does this allow?

Neel's commit allows demand-paging/swapping of guest memory i.e. overcommit, just like the VM system does for user processes.

Since it uses the existing amd64 pmap module for this, features of that are also made available for guest EPT mappings e.g. transparent superpages.

* The new arg for allowing ahci cd's and disks allows for cd and disk host
devices to be passed to the guest but the -d option still must be a file?

The ahci emulation allows files/block devices to be presented to the guest as AHCI sata/atapi drives.

I've not tried CD/DVD devices with the ahci emulation - it may not work. Filesystem images and zvols definitely do. The issue with the -d option to bhyveload is the block size of the underlying device. I'm working on a fix for that.



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