I am not able to get fastide working on sbs2008 with the pre-r2 version of
hyper-v. Should this work? Has testing been done on older versions of
hyper-v? I see there was a commit by grehan 18 hours, 30 minutes ago dealing
with the cdrom, so I have a new build in process. To be honest I hadn't
gotten far enough to worry about the cdrom device yet, but it is good to see
that is dealt with. 

There is an extensive list of things I have tried in the thread
In short, if I leave fastide on, it will panic before it gets to error 19,
but if I turn it off I can boot to ada0p2, or any label I give the device.
My suspicion is that all of the dev work has been done on hyperv-r2, so
there may be an oversight.

In any case it is good to see all the progress. I have been running FreeBSD
in VM's hobbled by the inability to reboot without manual intervention for 4
years, hoping this would happen. Even without fastide, once 10 goes to
RELEASE I can move some of the production work off of dedicated hardware.

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