(1) You can't boot an i386 ISO. It can't load the kernel. I half
expected this would be the case. It would be nice if this did work.

The loader work isn't too bad to get this going, but the bhyve work is quite a bit more effort since the i386 kernel makes a lot more assumptions about the environment, such as the ability to call back into BIOS.

 On the TODO list.

(2) VirtIO on a raw disc device seems to have some problems. I tried
installing using the -BETA1 amd64 ISO. The disc particulars seem to be
detected fine but when I try and commit the partition layout I see:

5vtbd0: hard error cmd=write 290-305

The disc is a 640GB WD SATA disc and I used the automatic scheme, if it
makes any difference.

That's bhyve colliding with GEOM. There was a thread a while back about being able to exempt certain block devices from being tasted for iSCSI LUN usage - bhyve will probably need something similar.

(3) I tried to use the live environment in order to play around with
(2) a bit more but it lacks the necessary /etc/ttys line. It would be
great if this wasn't required *somehow*.

The ttys issue does need to be addressed. This applies for serial console users as well. Hey, works for Linux :)

Should I file PRs for these issues?

 Yes, always file PRs please :)



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