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An alternative would be hashing the vm name with the host name and host MAC 

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> On Nov 4, 2013, at 6:26 AM, "Peter Grehan" <> wrote:
> Hi Aryeh,
>> There seems to be a very high rate of MAC address collisions when tap is
>> running on different machines.... is there anyway to make the selection of
>> MAC more random
> Do you mean, tap(4) when used with bhyve ? If so, bhyve calculates the MAC 
> address for adapters based on an md5 hash of the PCI slot/function and VM 
> name. If you use the same bhyve configuration on a different machine, the MAC 
> address will be the same.
> If that's the problem, you may want to supply your own MAC address with the 
> "mac=" parameter on the command line e.g.
> later,
> Peter.
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