Hi Marc,

I just read through http://bhyve.org/bhyve-manual.txt, and one thing
that doesn’t seem to be supported (or, I’ve missed it) is HeadLess
support … I get the impression that using this on a remote server
isn’t currently possible, or am I missing something in the docs?

It is. The easiest is using the recent change (r258668) which allows bhyveload and bhyve to direct output to a tty instead of just stdio.

Use nmdm(4) to create a bidirectional null-modem, point bhyveload/bhyve at one end, and then use any mechanism to attach to the other end (cu, screen, socat etc) at any time. Remote access can be built on top of this if needed.

 I'm looking to MFC this particular change back to 10.0.



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