On 12/2/13 4:11 PM, Marc Fournier wrote:
> I just read through, and one thing
>>> that doesn’t seem to be supported (or, I’ve missed it) is HeadLess
>>> support … I get the impression that using this on a remote server
>>> isn’t currently possible, or am I missing something in the docs?

I have documented the null modem serial console access at

In short:

-S 31,uart,stdio


-S 31,uart,/dev/nmdm0A

Before starting the VM, run:

kldload nmdm

Start the VM but note that it will not display any output when booted.
Connect to the serial interface with:

cu -l /dev/nmdm0B -s 9600

nmdmN is a 32bit in so you should have plenty to work with.

The pty style of console is more involved and I am experimenting with it.

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