No issues with the Intel E5-2650v2 running multiple processors per guest and Linux/OpenBSD? Just want to verify before I place a rather large order of hardware. Thanks.


On Tue, 26 Nov 2013, Scott Pilz wrote:

Thank you for your quick answer, and I'm not surprised by this. Makes perfect sense. I ran into the 1-CPU issue when I first started my testing.

I'll ensure that the new IX blade system we're going with as supported processors.

Keep up the great work. I'll be happy to do some extensive testing under various environments on this project if needed.


On Tue, 26 Nov 2013, Peter Grehan wrote:

Hi Scott,

     The error I'm getting is:

VM unrestricted guest capability required
Error in initializing VM

It's this one:

b) the CPU does not support what I'm trying to do

Your 5570 CPU is a first-gen Nehalem. These models don't have 'unrestricted-guest' VT-x support which is required to run code in 16/32-bit mode with paging disabled. This feature arrived with Westmere and successors.

grub-bhyve boots Linux and OpenBSD in 32-bit "flat" mode - protected mode with paging disabled. This can only work if unrestricted-guest is supported by the CPU. Other hypervisors work around this by using s/w instruction emulation until paging is enabled.

You'll find the same error if you start up a FreeBSD VM with > 1 vCPU since the AP spinup code is started in 16-bit real mode.

This doesn't show up with a single-vCPU FreeBSD guest since bhyveload sets up a 64-bit execution environment for the kernel.



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