PetiteCloud 0.2 is a front end to bhyve. It has the following features:

* Install, import, start, stop and reboot instances safely (guest OS needs
to be controlled independently)
* Clone, backup/export, delete stopped instances 100% safely
* Keep track of all your instances on one screen
* All transactions that change instance state are password protected at all
critical stages
* Support for a growing number of useful instances and applications

What is new since PetiteCloud 0.1.19:

* Improved stability, robustness, and user friendliness
* Instance import/export, clone, and reboot
* FreeBSD port files improved and resubmitted to -ports-bugs@

Minimum System Requirements:

* 2+ (3+ is preferable) cores (Any Intel that supports EPT)
* 100 GB of free disk space (for instances; PetiteCloud itself needs less
than 200KB)
* FreeBSD 10.0
* 1 physical NIC

Known bugs due to be fixed in PetiteCloud 0.2.1:

* The reported amount of resources used is inconsistent after an instance
is stopped.  (Actual resource amounts are not affected.)
* Better "please wait" functionality on the web UI.  (Command line UI is
not effected.)
* If the user clicks "install" and then tries to back out (by clicking the
"back" button), then the Unix account used for installing instances gets
locked and requires manual unlocking.

We would like to thank everyone on -virtualization@, especially the bhyve
team, for all their assistance with helping us understand bhyve.
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