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> > What happens if you "camcontrol rescan all" ?
> >
> A VirtIO block device (and a parent VirtIO PCI device) is what is likely
> getting created here, so there is no SCSI bus to rescan.
> I had a prior private conversation with Robert last week. This particular
> use case will not work until PCI hotplug support is there - this is not
> a limitation of VirtIO (fundamentally or as implemented in FreeBSD).
> Workarounds include use VirtIO SCSI since it supports hot plug. In FreeBSD
> 10, VirtIO block supports the resize events from the hypervisor, but the
> GEOM support for this was not MFC'ed to 9.

I have created an image of 10-RC5 that I will try the same conditions
I described earlier on. Unfortunately, I'm using a cloud service, so I
don't have control to change the settings of OpenStack.

Thanks for the insight. I'll let you all know the outcome.
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