i had problem during installation of linux guest.
I used "bhyve”  script for create and start the linux vm,it run without  detected 
controller sata using "virtio-blk".

with "ahci-hd" the system found disk drive and install the system correctly,but 
show error in console :

[ 5728.301499] ata1.00: irq_stat 0x40000001 [ 5728.302513] ata1.00:
failed command: FLUSH CACHE

That's an issue with the FreeBSD AHCI driver - a fix is ready and will be submitted shortly.

The workaround is to use virtio-blk instead, with the caveat that with >= 4G of guest RAM you will need the recent fix in r260469, or drop guest RAM down to <= 3G.

The network interface is found but does not connect using dhcp or with manual 

 What does your bridge setup look like ?



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