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In case it matters I have several 10.0-RC4 and 10.0-RC5 VMs running just
under KVM on CentOS 6.5

Can you let me know what virt-install options you used to accomplish this?
Outside of that, I am guessing the only diff might be that we are on
different hardware.   All prior FBSD's are fine, in fact I have a 9.2-STABLE
running just great on the server, but 10 is saying no way.

I am trying to load with the following:

virt-install --connect qemu:///system -n FBSD-10_vm1 -r 4096 --vcpus=2
--disk path=/dev/vg_virtual/FBSD-10_vm1 -c
/images/FreeBSD-10.0-RC5-amd64-disc1.iso --graphics
vnc,port=5920,listen= --noautoconsole --os-variant freebsd8
--accelerate --network=bridge:br0 --network=bridge:br1

Not sure as I used the graphical virt-manager UI to setup the VM. I am 
travelling today but will try your command tomorrow when I am back in the 

In the meantime you can check my kvm-qemu config file at following url:


Still new to kvm so in case you need something specific please feel free to 
point me where to look.


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