PetiteCloud is a HyperVisor frontend for BSD. It has the following

 * Support for bhyve and QEMU.

* Any x86 OS as a guest (tested only on QEMU)
* Install, import, start, stop and reboot instances safely (guest OS needs
to be controlled independently)
* Clone, backup/export, delete stopped instances 100% safely
* Keep track of all your instances on one screen
* All transactions that change instance state are password protected at all
critical stages
* A growing number of general purpose and specialized
instances/applications are available for PetiteCloud

What's new in 0.2.1:

* QEMU support

* Several bugs related to resource limits and the WebUI were fixed

 For more info see

 P.S. Support for QEMU does not diminish our support for Bhyve. Our
experience with QEMU in fact shows that Bhyve is on the right track. Note
also that Bhyve is and will remain our prefered HyperVisor for testing
PetiteCloud (PetiteCloud is developed on a PetiteCloud instance that uses
Bhyve). We will be posting in the next few days a comparison between the
two. We will also point out what features we feel Bhyve needs to compete
with QEMU in all areas.

Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer,
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