I can run apps like, firefox, xterm, etc, but not a desktop.

my idea was to use bhyve as a remote workstation  and be available to
export the full environments (kde/xfce etc)

I admit I've not tried this with a FreeBSD guest, but with an Ubuntu guest I was able to start KDE and send the display to a mac running X11. I also tried Xvnc on the Linux guest - this worked, but was a lot slower than remote X.

how much helps adding a graphic card to the server and “share it”
among the instances ?

I'm not sure how that would work. It may be possible to use pass-thru for a graphics card to a single guest, but I don't think even that would work as expected due to the fixed <1MB VGA address space that can't be shared amongst guests/the host card.

> can it be emulated ?

There will be VGA emulation in bhyve at some point - don't know exactly then that will be.


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