Hello all,

For the one-week anniversary of bhyve's release, I wish to share the
next iteration of my virtual machine scripts that have evolved from a
2005 jail rc/disk image framework to a FreeBSD 9.0 bhyve binary and VM
build script to a 10.* sequential provision script. It's primary purpose
is to facilitate the exposure of bugs in bhyve and related FreeBSD
components but you may find it useful for continuous VM use or for
integration into your own scripts.

Because bhyve is only the latest multiplicity solution on FreeBSD, this
rc script includes basic jail and qemu support and could include chroot,
simh and GXemul support. Of these, QEMU is intended to help prepare OSs
like OpenBSD that require VirtIO and console adjustments prior to
booting under bhyve.


Unpack vmrc.tar
Run 'sh install.sh' or perform the steps manually
Verify your host_nic and host_zpool in /usr/local/etc/vm.conf
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/vm                (Show usage)
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/vm provision vm0  (Note: /usr/local/vm/vm0/vm0.conf)
(Fetches OS install media, formats disk, installs to disk)
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/vm start vm0      (Loads and boots vm0)

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/vm iso vm0        (Fetches and boots and ISO image)

"ISO" mode will prepare a disk image to install the OS to and includes
fetch support for FreeBSD, Ubuntu and CentOS.

Manual scripts exist in install/ to fetch FreeNAS, pfSense and OpenBSD.


Know issues and known desired features are at the end of
instructions.txt plus various "fix:" notes throughout the script. This
is not mature enough for packaging yet but does some things quite
reliably and is ready for feedback. Because development is ongoing, I
invite you to mail me about issues directly and I can post it to
something like GitHub if there is interest.

Please read the instructions.txt to avoid FAQ's and I have done my best
to make the script itself readable.

Site: http://bhyve.org/vmrc/

Download: http://bhyve.org/vmrc/vmrc.tar (latest version)

Thank you Neel, Peter, John and Tycho for your hard work on bhyve.

Thank you Devin for greatly improving this script and Allan at
ScaleEngine for testing it and providing resources for bhyve's overall

Thank you for testing bhyve!

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