First of all what's new in 0.2.3:

* Full support for Linux as a guest on the “bhyve-linux” hypervisor

* Fixed all build system bugs we know of

* has made a link to -virtualization@ as our
preferred support channel

* The screen shots on have been added to,
reorganized, and more focus given to what instances can do instead
of just making them.   Note the DevStack screenshots form the core
of a forthcoming tutorial series on getting OpenStack up and running
under PetiteCloud as a way of learning OpenStack and as a study aid
for OpenStack certification.

What we need tested (see known bugs for a list of issues we already
know about):

* Which Linux distributions (if any) fail to install?

* Do all commands work in all cases?

Stuff that we would like to know if anyone is willing to help with:

* Making it so a Linux guest can start on boot (i.e. start headless)

* Making sure that more OpenStack components than just DevStack do
in fact run on PetiteCloud correctly

If you are a current user, please note that we will be changing file
formats during the next few tertiary versions.  (The new file format
will not change, though it will eventually be just one of several
standard formats to be supported in the long term.  On the other
hand, the current file format will be phased out.)

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