On Thursday, January 30, 2014 4:00:41 am Andrea Brancatelli wrote:
> Tonight we "forgot" a freebsd vm in "shutdown" state - i mean, we run
> shutdown -p now and the VM stopped at the "press enter to reboot". Nobody
> pressed enter because we forgot, so the bhyve process kept running, this
> morning we realized that the host's CPU kept 120% all the night long, until
> we just pressed "enter" in the vm console and the vm shut down.
> It was the only VM running. 2 CPU, no -P, "standard" command line, usual
> FreeBSD 10's plain bhyve.
> Maybe it's worth checking?

This should now DTRT on recent 10 stable and HEAD.  The bhyve in 10.0 release 
did not support ACPI soft-off, so shutdown -p now is equivalent to shutdown -h 
now on 10.0.

John Baldwin
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