On 1/31/2014 2:36 AM, Michał Dubiel wrote:

Actually we have already a working OpenStack on FreeBSD. More precisely the
Nova compute node running directly on FreeBSD host, which spawns guest VMs
using bhyve hypervisor. It is in very early stage and currently it uses our
prototype bhyve driver for the Nova compute. We have been putting now some
effort to bring the bhyve into Nova via libvirt library as it is strongly
favored by the OpenStack community. We had some discussions with
maintainers of the Nova component and they clearly suggested that the
libvirt path is the one that can be eventually integrated into the Nova
code. One of our colleagues is currently putting together a wiki page that
will explain how to set it all up, it should be available soon. If you are
also interested in bringing the OpenStack into the FreeBSD world, perhaps
it would make a sense to join forces and make it happen sooner.


I would like to help with libvirt development and code review. Can you put a public branch with this integration on github or elsewhere?

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