Use case:

1. I am out of the office (the entire office except for one petitelcoud
instance is behind a firewall) without any ability to poke holes (something
petitecloud will handle soon)

2. The way to install a non-bhyve hyperv instance (kvm in this case)

3. I am installing an QEMU instance (console via VNC) on one of the hosts
(behind the FW)

4. Is there any easy way to connect to the QEMU on the FW'ed host

P.S. Since it is pretty obvious that all my work is leading to Linux as a
host for PetiteCloud I will be releasing a very rough release (hand build
with warnings [but no outright errors]) for testing in an hour or so (over
the next few days I will  work on making it end user usable).   This way we
do not violate our no preannounce policy (the reason for this policy is we
have found in our consulting work that the minute you preannounce something
the client will insist on having it even if you decide it is a bad idea
before final release).

Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer,
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