I am running many BHyve VM's and am using tap interfaces
with a single bridge.  I am configuring the IP addresses
of these VM's via DHCP.

I need to have separate MAC addresses for each VM.

Can anyone recommend a range of MAC addresses to use?

I seem to recall that at the 2013 FreeBSD Vendor Summit in
Sunnyvale, California, that George mentioned that
there might be a Organizational Unique Identifier (OUI) for the FreeBSD
project that we can use for BHyve VM's.  Is that right?

If not, can people recommend a range of addresses to use?

VMWare for example has an OUI of 00:50:56 (

I'd rather not use that range if I don't have to, since
I have a VMWare ESXi server running in the same network. :)

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