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> On Tuesday, February 04, 2014 09:55:13 AM Michael Dexter wrote:
> > May I suggest you take this all to a personal blog?
> I agree.  You can use a blog on petitecloud.org if you wish, but the
> purpose
> of this list is discussing virtualization techniques FreeBSD supports
> including
> jails/vimage, hypervisors (bhyve), and accelerated guest support (e.g. Xen
> and Hyper-V drivers).  An occasional note about petitecloud may be
> warranted,
> but the current volume is excessive.  Also, this list is not suitable for
> use
> as a support forum for a commercial product.  It is certainly appropriate
> for
> bug reports in the aforementioned list of topics (e.g. bhyve bugs or bhyve
> performance testing results) that may come out of "downstream" bug reports.


   We'll be creating our own mailing list as soon as we can solve these
   technical issues:

           a. Mailman (under apache22) seems to insist on being on port 80.
We have no machine that is on the public internet that has 80 not used by
tomcat. Any ideas on how to fix this? (Both machines are at RootBSD and
have 9.2-RELEASE on them.)

           b. The way our internal build system works, updating
petitecloud.org also triggers a snapshot release of PetiteCloud and it is
currently in a state that is not releasable (massive security issues on the
Linux end [FreeBSD has no such issues])

      2. You seem to be under the impression that PetiteCloud is a
commercial product. It is in fact 100% Free Open Source (BSD license) and
Open Knowledge. We do plan to sell products that are ENABLED by PetiteCloud
but are NOT REQUIRED by PetiteCloud in any way. (Thus there will be no
"enterprise edition", "secret sauce", high-priced "training", etc.) Also we
eventually plan, once there is enough interest, to form a foundation on the
FreeBSD/Apache model and transfer PetiteCloud completely over to it. The
reason for this is that we do not see any "honest" way to make money from
PetiteCloud itself, but only from various types of products it enables. We
will also encourage anyone who wants to build products or open source (also
hopefully open knowledge) projects on top of PetiteCloud (even if they are
direct competitors of our commerical products)

      3. Yes the comments on why we now have support for a non-FreeBSD host
(as well as for FreeBSD, our preferred OS) really belong on a different
forum. Since we have not yet created said forum, for the temporary
technical reasons mentioned above, -virtualization@ seemed the only
appropriate place to post our announcement, since the actual announcement
was only a CFT and 100% of our users are FreeBSD.

      4. Currently the only available place to discuss cloud computing at
all on FreeBSD is -virtualization@. A -cloud@ list might make more sense if
there was one. We would strongly urge the creation of such a list, because
we consider FreeBSD to be, without question, the best operating system for
truly stable and robust cloud computing, and we would strongly encourage
the FreeBSD Foundation to emphasize this in its advocacy. In the meantime,
please note that PetiteCloud is not yet a full-fledged cloud platform, but
currently is little more than just a front end for various hypervisors
including bhyve (our preferred hypervisor

      5.. We would appreciate clarification on what kinds of announcements
are appropriate here. For example, we've been posting calls for testing of
new versions of PetiteCloud for almost five months with no objection from
anyone (except for an early question from Michael Dexter about how truly
open-source we were) until we added support for a non-FreeBSD host. May we
continue to post CFT's that contain FreeBSD-related issues (including
making sure we didn't break anything related to our FreeBSD support when
adding features required by other OS's).

     6. Since we purposely do not collect user email addresses at any point
in the download and/or install, we will have no other quick way, besides
-virtualization@ itself, to tell users where to ask questions about
PetiteCloud now that -virtualization@ is no longer the correct place to
send things. Thus we will need to make at least one more purely
administrative/support oriented post before the move is complete

     7. Miscellaneous

          a. We will sending the $50 we had offered to give someone on
-emulation@ to the FreeBSD foundation, earmarked for work on virtualization
and cloud computing. (The person to whom we offered the $50, for a solution
to a problem we had been struggling with, told us to keep it.)

         b. As soon the appropriate person at the FreeBSD foundation
contacts us, we will arrange to transfer freebsd-openstack.org to the
foundation, if the FreeBSD foundation desires to be in charge of such a
portal. We do want to keep editorial control until we can put a basic
content management system in place and populate it with some initial
Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer, http://www.PetiteCloud.org
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