Michael Dexter wrote:

> Please hesitate before you write and determine if this is the

> correct list and your post is in accordance with the above

> policies.


   We still have not received any guidance on what sort of CFT's (if any)
   are allowed on -virtualization@ for open-source projects that aim to be
   FreeBSD ports.


   The actual message you were taking issue with above was primarily a
   public thanks to someone for giving us a possible solution to a problem we
   had. I also made the off-topic "announcement" you objected to for the
   purpose of updating the -virtualization@ list on our progress in
   creating our own alternative to using -virtualization@ as our preferred
   communication channel as requested by you and John Baldwin.

 > and my personal favorite, a request for a bhyve developer to sign

> an NDA to see these.

 The NDA request was NOT posted on the -virtualization@ list; that was in a
private email from Aryeh Friedman to Peter Grehan and him alone, way back
in early August 2013. Peter immediately rejected all private communication
and directed Aryeh to post everything to the -virtualization@ list. We
concluded that Peter was right that everything should be open knowledge.

 Anyhow, we agree that -virtualization@ should not be the place for
discussion of cloud computing because it crosses so many disciplines it
does not fully fit into any currently-existing FreeBSD list. For that
reason, we again suggest making a -cloud@ list. Until then,
-virtualization@seems to us to be the closest-to-suitable option,
though far from a perfect
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