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> Craig Rodrigues and the FreeNAS team have done a fantastic job already (I
> have not personally tried FreeNAS yet but I have heard nothing but good
> things about it) and making it so it can run on a bhyve instance.

Thanks for those kind words.  At the 2013 FreeBSD Vendor Summit,
I gave this presentation:

which shows how I am using BHyve to test FreeNAS.
BHyve is rough around the edges, but it works really well for testing.
BHyve is improving every day.

I encourage anyone in the BHyve community to download
a FreeNAS 9.2.1 ISO and test booting it inside a BHyve VM.
See this link for download details:

Booting the FreeNAS ISO inside BHyve is a great way to test out BHyve (and

If you find FreeNAS-specific problems you can report them

That web page  has links to our bugtracker and online forums.
That way there is no need to clutter this mailing list with
FreeNAS-specific stuff.

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