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        On 2/10/14 7:14 AM, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:
         > I usually prefer to build my onw. So I tried that from a both
         > 10-stable as well as the svn-url I got from Peter some time
        ago. But
         > - building 10-stable did not give the amd svm stuff
         > - building the previous svn-url on my 10-stable bombs out due
        to some
         > missing net/.... files. Need to rerun, to get the exact error.

        The snapshot was built from the SVM projects branch:


        I opted to build world with -j4 and kernel on -j2 on a dual-core
        as per Glen Barber's suggestion of how he is building the
        official releases.

In my case it was a src.conf which contained

WITH_IPFW = true

After which the buildworld breaks on building iipfw, because of missing pf files.

Removing WITHOUT_PF lets me build world.


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