Hi Craig,

It seems pointless to me for the user to have to explictly
destroy the VM.

We're working on fixing it. What it gave during the development process (and still gives) is the ability to get post-mortem information when the bhyve process exits.

Once the bhyve process exits, I doesn't seem that I can use
the VM again anyways.  To run the VM again, I seem to need to call:
   -> bhyvectl to destroy the VM
   -> bhyveload to load
   -> bhyve to run the VM

Yes, that's correct. The future version will be: /usr/sbin/bhyve to load/run/reboot the VM in a single process.

Aryeh has pointed out to me that it is the responsibility of the
user to explictly destroy and tap and bridge devices used by the
bhyve process after it exits.  Is this right?

 Only if you won't be using them anymore.

What if I have a  single bridge0 device, and 10 tap devices,
one per VM?  If one VM exits and needs to be restarted, do
I need to tear down all the taps and bridge?

No - leave them there. Think of the tap interfaces as ports on a switch, and the bhyve processes as being plugged/unplugged from the ports.



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