Hi John,

Am I right in thinking that bhyve support for AMD processors is not
yet in -STABLE?

 Yes, that's correct.

If so, is there working code for bhyve under AMD anywhere? Where?
-HEAD, projects/bhyve_svm or somewhere else?


Is it considered experimental, stable, or something in between?

I'd home somewhere on the stable side of experimental. I've had good success with it on a Phenom II, but looks like at least 1 user has had issues.

Should  it work with the above processor?

I think your model may be predate the h/w nested paging support that bhyve relies on (EPT, or RVI in early AMD terminology). The list of AMD CPUs with RVI is at:


 ... and the Athlon 64 X2 isn't on that list :(


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