On 2014-02-23 22:04, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:
On 23-2-2014 18:26, Peter Grehan wrote:
Against what current version did you merge/build the SVM branch?
I'll either check that out, or try my subversion skills to see if that
reduces the diff.

  My mistake - the sync was a r259205, which was from Dec 10 and
predates the -w option (r259635, Dec 17).

I manually added this patch...
And then I can get 13.10 to boot.

First I get 20* the msr ignore message, but now I in the installer.

So you might want to put that in your SVM tree to get more mileage on
the code in Linux envs.

std-disclaimer: Running on AMD processor with SVM branch

I've started the ubuntu install again, since last night it went into the dark hours. And my laptop shutdown the connection while I used console. So no recovery to the prompts :(

Now I'm trying 2 Ubuntu installs:

And both run equally slow. And generate msr access that would otherwise be trapped.

(running with 2 vCPUs, and 2G mem).
From top:
67705 root 5 52 0 2081M 429M CPU1 1 74:38 147.66% bhyve: ubuntu-13.10
67881 root 5 52 0 2077M 194M CPU3 3 67:20 137.16% bhyve: ubuntu-12.04

And the load is always up in the 150%....

So obviously these 2 installers are doing a form sort of busy waiting?

Are other people seeing the same on AMD cpus or on Intel CPUs?


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