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>>> Hi,
>>> I'm updating some jail servers, and want to use VIMAGE. Compiled it
>>> into the kernel, learned the hard way not to even include PF in the
>>> same kernel [1], so now it works quite well.
>>> I am setting up many similar jails, some for testing, some for
>>> production. The applications are web servers, som tomcat+apache's, and
>>> some other standard type of services like email and ldap, simple stuff.
>>> I need no fancy network control, I just need it to work. For each jail
>>> there are two interfaces, one public, connected to a software bridge
>>> (if_bridge or
>>> ng_bridge) acting as a switch, and one internal, for maintenance,
>>> connected to a different software bridge. To each software bridge, I
>>> connect a physical external interface from the jail host.
>>> I am trying to decide whether to use epair and if_bridge, or to use
>> netgraph.
>>> For netgraph, there is a nice package at DruidBSD [3]. When I found
>>> that, I had already rewritten the standard jail script, using the
>>> v2 patches from polymorf [4]. They work equally fine for my purpose.
>>> So now I need to know which scales best, is there a difference in
>>> performance or stability between netgraph and epair/if_bridge?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Palle
>>> [1] http://forums.freebsd.org/showthread.php?t=31765
>>> [2] http://forums.freebsd.org/showthread.php?t=31949
>>> [3] http://druidbsd.sourceforge.net/vimage.shtml
>>> [4] http://wiki.polymorf.fr/index.php?title=Howto:FreeBSD_jail_vnet
>> [Devin Teske]
>> Never saw a reply to this and I'm locating round-tuits to tackle e-mails that
>> I've marked as "needing reply":
>> I have not profiled
> Ugh, that was originally "I have not profiled [epair but I have profiled] 
> netgraph"
> -- 
> Cheers,
> Devin
>> netgraph to have a limitation of 65530 eiface devices off a
>> single if_bridge, but are allowed multiple bridges with that many devices.
>> The problems that you run into with that many devices is that if all the
>> interfaces are visible to a single jail or single host... your "ifconfig"
>> command could take several hours (about 4) to enumerate each iface to the
>> screen.
>> I didn't mess much with epair because it failed to produce a situation where 
>> I
>> could speak separate subnets over the same wire. Netgraph made it easy by
>> way of being able to enable promiscuous and disable the "autosrc" feature
>> (as you perhaps already found in my code you linked to above).
>> --
>> Cheers,
>> Devin

Thanks for the response.

I have since created a setup with epair, only to abandon it and pursue a setup 
with netgraph instead. I can't yet say which will best serve my needs, I can 
get back to that when I have more data. 

I do know that shutting down a jail that has epairs enabled very likely will 
panic the kernel. I'm not certain that netgraph is any different, but I have no 
data yey. I do know that some fixes have been made to kernel to avoid crashes.

I'll get back with more info as I have more info to reveal. :)


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