Hi Brando,

​Howdy folks, i have encountered a strange issue when i was trying to
run CentOS 6.5 with bhyve on a server with 11.0-CURRENT FreeBSD

VM unrestricted guest capability required Error in initializing VM

the machine has 48GB of ram, and the cpu is a i7 920 as stated in the
subject of this email. It has the instructions required to run bhyve
( VMX and POPCNT, as they appear in the dmesg log and in the Intel's

Is there something wrong with this CPU?

 The 920 aka 'Bloomfield' is a first-generation Nehalem:


That particular model doesn't have support for 16-bit real mode/32-bit protected/unpaged mode (aka "flat"). This is required for MP support for FreeBSD, or Linux support, since grub starts Linux in 32-bit flat mode.

The VT-x feature that enables supports for this is known as 'unrestricted guest', and was introduced in the Westmere microarch.

It *may* be possible to get Linux working with grub-bhyve by adding support to start it directly in 64-bit mode, but it would be UP only.



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