Hi Roman,

bhyve <snip>  -s 31,lpc -l com1,fd=19 vm0

   Yes, useful idea, and will become more relevant in the capsicum world
of passing fd's to a sandboxed bhyve.

   Thanks: I'll get this submitted.

Hi Peter!

Any news on that?

I started to do it, and then hesitated bit for two reasons. First, it's useful for all backends, but there still needs to be a type - file descriptors can't be treated as something opaque: there still needs to be knowledge of whether it's a socket, char device, file etc, so the option may need additional information to describe that.

Also, given that Capsicum wants to pass fd's as parameters, I was wondering if there is a general syntax style for doing this. "fd=%d" seems Ok, though it would be useful if there was something in libutil to parse an option like this if it is the preferred way forward for FreeBSD executables.

 What do folk think ? Any useful precedents ?



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