Wiadomość napisana przez Abhishek Gupta (LIS) w dniu 17 kwi 2014, o godz. 03:01:
> Hi folks,
> Newbie question so please excuse the naivety. If someone were to copy a few 
> functions from NetBSD in to their FreeBSD kernel mode drivers then is it 
> still possible to submit the code in to the FreeBSD tree under the FreeBSD 
> license? If not then would the community accept the copied code cleanly 
> separated out in a file and licensed under the NetBSD license? Please let me 
> know if there is an acceptable procedure to do this or if this is a complete 

It all depends on the license.  If the code is licensed under standard BSD
license, then it's perfectly ok to commit it to FreeBSD.  In fact, a lot of 
got ported from NetBSD, just grep for it in sources.

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