Two Guests are running Ubuntu 14.04 while the others are running CentOS 6.5 
(this was a bit tricky, but i found in a previous post the method to get it to 
boot correctly! ).
I'm planning to test RHEL7 Beta this weekend.

I'm also running a guest equipped with Ubuntu 12.04 and i'm running Zimbra 
inside of it!

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Inviato: Lunedì, 12 maggio 2014 22:45:54
Oggetto: Re: bhyve rocks!

> I must say thanks to the creators of bhyve and all of you, who gave
> me support some time ago. Thanks to you guys i now have a bhyve host
> ( running FreeBSD 11-CURRENT ) with 5 linux guests running on it!

  Great ! Any particular versions of Linux ?



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